2022 Studio Session with Christine

When I started Wildwood imagery in the summer of 2017 it was primarily for capturing rodeos. I wasn’t a huge fan of studio work at the time, but I was still going to school myself for photography and had projects to complete. Christine was the first person to help me with a project from the college rodeo crew that I was around. Both of us originally coming from outside of Alberta gave us something to connect on as we both explored the landscape of Alberta. Since then we have worked together in many different ways and done a lot of shoots together. All of it has been filled with many laughs, stories and so much fun! Many times it has started with me messaging Christine saying I have an idea, feel like helping me give it a try? And most often the response is – Yeah, what if we do this with it too? – And within a few weeks, we were meeting up to go try our ideas.

Initially, I didn’t think of this session as what would be kicking off my year. It was just some ideas that I wanted to try. But after we finished it, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. With some studio lighting techniques in mind to work on and a space in my new house to try out as a small studio, we dived right in. I was hoping to get the techniques nailed down and come away with a few good images, but the final imagery kicked down the door of what I thought we would achieve. We ventured into being a little more on the risky side partway through the session, but only after we both confirmed that we were okay with doing so. We cranked up some music and had a ton of fun trying different outfits and posing.

Kicking off 2022 with this session has definitely set the tone for how I am planning to approach 2022, the 5th year of Wildwood Imagery – more streamlined and impactful imagery than ever before while capturing the amazing stories and personalities of you all.

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The best part about these sessions is 1) We don’t need a fancy space to do these 2) All of my equipment is portable so we can do them basically anywhere and 3) I am good with travelling and planning to do any type of session when I am already in the area for other reasons if you live further away. Who knows, maybe it could spark a short holiday or a few day road trip to see other friends or family. At the very least, if I know you are interested in a session I can let you know if I am going to be headed your way anytime soon.

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