Everything event Imagery related. From the peak action to the serene moments behind the scenes. With a few FAQ's further down.

Rodeo & Events

Frequently Asked Questions

The gallery system is not able to combine photos from different events into one order. To place an order from multiple galleries, complete the order, by either paying or selecting ‘pay later’ at checkout in each gallery. I will manually combine the orders into one when I build your final invoice.
Please note that you only need to pay shipping 1x - the gallery now is set to apply it to each order automatically. I will either reimburse you or message me and I can give you a code to take it off.

Galleries from regular events are normally ready by the Wednesday following the event, although larger events could take longer. If you need a photo for a tight deadline before this please let me know as soon as possible. 

Event galleries stay online for around 6 months, or until the following spring when I need to make room for the new season.

Online Digitals are a smaller file size, optimized to be used only online and on social media - not for printing. Taking up less space on digital devices.

High Resolution Digitals give you complete control to use for anything you personally need, including printing or online work.

Digital Payments can be made via e-transfer to my email (cbowman@wildwoodimagery.ca) or credit card processed through PayPal (no account needed).
For in-person payments, I can also accept cash or cheque.

To complete an order through the gallery using e-transfer, select Pay Later in the gallery checkout and then send the e-transfer.

The best way to place orders is through the galleries or the forms for event specials, but if you are having issues, please send me a message so we can figure out if there is a better way or different options. Please note: I may take a while to respond through social media messengers. Email, text or phone call can be a lot quicker.

Galleries from the previous season will be taken offline after the start of the current years regular season. To receive proofs from offline galleries there will be a $50 deposit or ‘research fee’, which will be applied against your final order.

Every event and brand has their own unique story. Nothing can better tell these stories than imagery that shows the heart and strength of those who make it happen. 

Find recent events I have been to through the Event Galleries or sign-up for event specials that are currently active.

Capturing the Stories Within Events

What we capture