I have been doing photography for 10+ years now — 4+ years professionally. I attended NAIT's Photographic Technology program for 2 years, studying the art and business of photography. I love working with people who love what they do and the lifestyle that they live. 

I am a born and raised country girl, turned professional photographer. When I am not touring the country, behind the camera or on the computer, I can often be found helping out on my parents beef farm in Central Saskatchewan.

Country girl and photographer

Hi! I’m Chantelle Bowman.

Everyone has something that Lights them up.
I thankfully get to mix my greatest 2 everyday;
photography & agriculture

To capture you and your loved ones in beautiful imagery, living the lifestyle that you love. Catching all of the character of each person and animal along with the beauty of the land.
Be it in competition in the arena, or out in the pastures under the beautiful prairie skies.
Let me help you create imagery that you will be inspired by for years to come.

My mission

Tea & Cider


Seeing the animals thrive

Part of the Lifestyle 

Capturing Everyone's Stories

Part of What I Do

Sunsets, Bonfires & Stars

Favourite Parts of Country Life

Chowder & Biscuits

Favourite Food


TV or Book

Too Hard to Choose

Part of the Rodeo

A few of My favorite Things

Let's Get Planning!

Ready to start creating your Beautiful Imagery?