2022 Hoover Hays Memorial Jackpot

Over the last few years, I kept hearing about the Hoover Hays Memorial event. Finally this year, thanks to 1 message and a lineup of the stars with schedule and travel, I could attend it for 1 day of the 2 day event. After I got the message that it was happening, the more I got thinking about it and realized I had to make it work. I mean, how could I say no when I knew the arena was surrounded by trees and they would be making the most beautiful fall background?

The event as I was told, was full of great contestant camaraderie and just a ton of fun all around. Although I never got to meet the namesake, knowing most of the bulldoggers and how special this event is to them, I can only imagine how great of a guy he was.

Thanks for having me out guys.

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