2022 Canadian Junior & High School Rodeo Finals

The 3 days of Canadians were action-packed, to say the least. Congratulations to all of the 2022 champions and all of the competitors who went out and did their best while enjoying their sport.

This photographer was boots on the ground for 38 hours in those 3 days and tried to capture a whole ton of rodeo and cutting/working cow horse action in that time. With over 15,000 photos shot in that time.

Thank you to everyone for patiently waiting while I worked through these photos while still on the road myself – finding good internet on the road to upload a few thousand at a time, when I have them ready, can sometimes be a challenge.

What is uploaded for the Friday Junior’s is what there is. My priority on the Friday was catching 1 Day of the Cutting/WCH arena for those competitors and I filled in the settling times with other shots as I could.

You can access the gallery through the button below.

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