Special Packages

2022 Alberta High School Rodeo Finals

Rodeo & Cutting/WCH - $200
Rodeo & Grad - $225
Cutting/WCH & Grad - $150

2 Galleries

Rodeo - $175
Cutting & WCH - $100

1 Gallery

Prices have taxes included in them.
This package is regular $262.50/Gallery and will return to this after the stated deadline.

AHSRA Gallery Access Packages

3 Galleries

Rodeo, Cutting/WCH & Grad - $250

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June 25th.

If you are unsure about what kind of photos you may get, you can wait and see some of what goes in the gallery first. The deadline to sign up for these special packages is          

How long do I have to think about it?

There are 3 separate galleries built for the event - Rodeo, Cutting/WCH & Grad
The package rates for this event are set by family and which galleries you want access to. So, if your kids are in multiple events in the same gallery (ex. Rodeo) you only need access to the Rodeo Gallery = 1 Gallery Access.

If you find photos in the Background Folders of another gallery and your kids did not compete or were not directly apart of the event, please let me know and we can get you access to those photos as well.

How do I know what I will need?

The High-Resolution Digital All-Access Package allows you to download unlimited photos at both online and printable quality from the galleries of your choosing with a provided pin. These packages are great for families with kid(s) competing in multiple events or with lots of favourites.

What are the all-access packages and why would I want it?

AHSRA Finals Special High-Resolution Digital All-Access Package

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